Reflective float glass

       Reflective glass is a product resulted from multi-metal coatings on the float glass as raw material. Through the application of vacuum coating, the finished product characterizes various visual effects and different optical and calorific features. A coating is applied during glass manufacture. It is ready to be cut, heat strengthened and toughened. This product is sometimes called a ¡®hard coat¡¯ reflective. Reflective glass absorbs and reflects a major proportion of the sun¡¯s direct energy more effectively than tinted glass.

               Clear Reflective; Dark Blue Reflective; Dar Green Reflective;
               Bronze Reflective; Pink Reflective; etc.

              High energy saving.
              Filters glittering sunlight.
              Harmonious Building Outline.

            Windows and Doors
             Furniture and Decoration
            Superior performance to standard glass products.
            Architecture, Decoration, etc.

       Common Size: (mm)

    1500 X 2000, 1370 X 2100, 1650 X 2100,

    1830 X 3050, 2134 X 3050, 2134 X 2440,

     2134 X 3300, 2140 X 3050

           Reflective Float Glass

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