Pattern Glass

         Patterned or Figure rolled glass is made by running molten glass over a patterned roller which reproduces the pattern on the glass. In addition to diffusing light and obstructing visibility from the outside, the figures soften the interior lighting. Patterned roll glass is used to diffuse, not obscure, and object when viewing. The glass is also used as a popular decorative product. Patterned glass is a decorative and translucent glass with figures on one face. The patterns are able to soften the light in a space and at a suitable angle, to curtain the visibility through it.

     Thickness: 3--5CM

     Color:  Clear, Green, Blue, Bronze, Golden, etc.

     Size: 2000X1500mm, 2134X1524mm, 2440X1830mm, 2134X1220mm, 2000X1200mm, 1500X1000mm.

     Categories:  Nashiji, Ddiamond, Mistlite, Aqualite, Crystals, Flora, Wanji, etc.












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