Low-e glass

People nowadays prefer large-size window for sightseeing or for enjoying sunshine to relax. However, the heat runs off through the window at the same time. It is not easy to make the best of both worlds!Now ,the low-E glass appears to settle this problem. It has a high transmission of visible light and can reflect infrared heat at the same time, which can satisfy most people and architectures.

The Low-E glass has the same coating principle as solar-control glass, but differs from them in material , the structure layer is also more complex ,demanding for equipment with super throughput and excellent accuracy in process control.

The characteristic of Low-E glass is achieved by the silver layer. The oxidation of silver can result in the disappearance of low-E performance ; therefore ,low-E glass cannot be single used in the air ,which means it can only be made into combined glass.

Varying tones such as transparent, shallow gray, silver gray, green blue etc.

Max size: 2540mm3760mm
Mini size: 300mm800 mm
Thickness: 5mm~19mm

With high transmission of visible light, low reflectivity and low emissivity (e<0.15), the Low-E glass can prevent the creation of light pollution, leading to a nice living environment.

It controls solar and keeps out far infrared availably, making an economy air condition expense in summer and saving the heating cost in winter, which results in an energy saving.

It also reduces the transmission of ultraviolet efficiently as to prevent color fading on clothes and furniture.
The Low-E glass can only be made into combined products and has a good performance of soundproof.

Types of products:
After combination, it can be made into Low-E coated insulating/laminated glass, tempered Low-E coated insulating/laminated glass, heat-processed Low-E coated insulating/laminated glass, as well as products of mulitiple combinations.

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