Glass Block

In recent years, as an up-and-coming construction material, glass block has become more and more popular for interior and exterior decoration purposes.

It is a material with innocuous and radiationless properties as well as excellent performance in acoustic insulation, heat insulation, waterproofing, energy conservation and abrasive resistance and privacy protection.

With the capability of high strength pressure resistance and impact resistance as well as heat preservation and wet-proof performance, glass block can be applied either in constructing the wall separately or can be used freely for decorating purposes.

Glass block can be shifted and collocated freely with other shapes or colours, to meet the various demands of different applications. Transparent glass block is applied for building walls and interior divisions which have an excellent lighting performance and seem to extend the space available.

Glass block is also a very good acoustic insulation layer with the function of preventing people from being disturbed by sounds, as it can be applied in crowded downtown streets or applied in household space nearby factories.

There is a layer with thicknesses of 0.3mm which is almost in a vacuum, offering the glass block greater heat insulation performance as compared to double-glazed glass. It is one of the best energy-saving building materials. Moreover, glass block also can play an important roll in privacy protection.

Glass block is divided into two types: hollow glass block and solid glass block. Hollow glass is made of two hollow glass block halves fused together to create an insulating vacuum in the enclosed space. Solid glass block is made by fusing together two slabs of glass.
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