Xiu Yan Jade

The jade products we provided all come from Xiu Yan county in Liaoning Province, in the northeastern part of China where it is mined locally. It is a natural light green color and very translucent. It is sometimes called "water jade" because of its clear, watery appearance. The color is fairly uniform, and you can see some variations of the natural minerals. The jade pendants, bangle bracelets and other jade products, have not had any inclusions or colors removed, or enhancements added. When you look through a bangle bracelet, you will see the jade in its natural state And it always be considered unique one-of-a-kind arts. It will not be completely clear, like glass Because Xiu yan jade is not as hard as Burmese jadeite, the pendants can be intricately carved, and are very beautiful. Real jade is cool to the touch, and feels heavy in the hand. This is the jade that Chinese people prefer to own. Xiu Yan County produces approximately 60 percent of Chinas total volume of jade stone. Xiu Yan County classify their jade that hopfnerite greenstone and serpentine jade, commonly called Xiu jade.

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